2nd Connectivity Policy Brazil Workshop – 2020 Edition


DAY 1 – October 20, Tuesday

09:00-09:30 | Opening session – The state of connectivity in Brazil and what Facebook is doing to reduce the digital deficit

For some years Facebook, in partnership with The Economist Intelligence Unit, has been monitoring the state of connectivity in the world and its impact through the Inclusive Internet Index. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic affected lives, economies and everyday life around the world. In this session, we will present the latest data on the state of connectivity in Brazil and present how Facebook is collaborating to reduce the digital gap, with research, new business models and infrastructure investments that generate socioeconomic benefits.

  • Robert Pepper,Director, Public Policy and Planning,Connectivity, Facebook
  • Alex Aimé, Director, Network Investments, Emerging Markets, Facebook
  • Ana Luiza Valadares, Director, Connectivity and Access Policies, Brazil, Facebook


09:30-11:00 | Session 1 – Innovation for connectivity

Connecting people is more than the simple act of connecting. An entire ecosystem of networks, applications and data intelligence has to work together. In this panel, policymakers, regulators and industry discuss the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in connectivity in Brazil


  • Rodrigo Cunha, Senator, Federal Senate
  • Leonardo Euler de Moraes, President, Anatel
  • Geanluca Lorenzon, Secretary, Competition and Competitiveness Advocacy, Ministry of Economy
  • Vitor Menezes, Secretary, Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications
  • Marcos Ferrari, President, Conexis Brasil Digital
  • Daniel Vilela, Director, Conecta Brasil Alliance F4
  • Tarcísio Ribeiro, Director, Partnerships with Latam Operators and Global OEM and Connectivity Initiatives, Facebook

Moderator: Ana Luiza Valadares, Director, Connectivity and Access Policies, Brazil, Facebook


17:00-18:30 | Session 2 – New Wireless Borders

As wireless connectivity becomes hegemonic, spectrum becomes an essential inthe Digital Age. Competition and innovation are the foundations, dynamic use and sharing are new objectives, and issues such as technological complementarity and balance between licensed and unlicensed use deserve to be discussed, especially in the face of technologies such as 5G and WiFi 6, in addition to the important role that satellite plays in Brazil, especially for the coverage of rural and remote areas.

Special presentation:

Bruno Cendon, Director of Wireless, Facebook Reality Labs, Facebook


  • Martha Suárez, President, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA)
  • Giuseppe Marrara,Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, Cisco Brazil
  • Alex Jucius, President, Neo Association
  • Amadeu Castro, Spectrum Consultant, Camara-e.net
  • Fabio Alencar, VP Corporate Development Latam, SES Brazil
  • Carlos Eduardo Medeiros, Director, Regulatory and Institutional Affairs, Oi
  • Moisés Moreira, Counselor, Anatel

Moderator:Ana Luiza Valadares, Director, Connectivity and Access Policies, Brazil, Facebook


DAY 2 – October 22, Thursday

09:30-11:00 | Session 3 – Connected field, smart cities, digital country

Connecting remote and rural areas, and even large urban centers, is always a challenge, especially for vast countries with great inequalities such as Brazil. However, new solutions and ideas are uniting people, no matter how far they live and how challenging their environment is. This session will discuss the role of WiFi, satellite and fiber to digitally transform cities and rural areas, and the challenges to be faced.


  • Cleber Soares, Director, Department of Innovation Support for Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Abraão Balbino da Silva, Superintendent, Competition, Anatel
  • Rafael Guimarães, President, Hughes do Brasil
  • José Roberto Nogueira, President, Brisanet
  • Luciano Stutz, President, Abrintel
  • Fábio Alencar, President, Abrasat

Moderator: Tarcísio Ribeiro, Director, Partnerships with Latam Operators and Global OEM and Connectivity Initiatives, Facebook


17:00-18:30 | Session 4 – Open Minds for Open Networks

Connectivity is essential for everything from personal communication, information and entertainment to the digital transformation of different sectors of the economy. Closed models and technologies need to be rethought. Synergies are increasing between technology companies, service providers and equipment manufacturers to define standards and models of open and neutral networks, structured with solutions from various suppliers. What to expect from the new connectivity actors?


  • Gabriel Fiuza de Bragança, Undersecretary, Regulation and Markets, Ministry of Economy
  • Nilo Pasquali, Superintendent, Planning and Regulation, Anatel
  • João Moura, President, Telcomp
  • Alberto Paradise, Director of Strategy, CPqD
  • Francisco Giacomini Soares, LATAM VP, Government Affairs, Qualcomm
  • Cristiane Sanches, Counselor, Abrint
  • Silmar Palmeira, Director, Innovation and Technology, TIM Brazil

Moderator: Giovani Siqueira, LATAM Leader, Telecom Infra Project (TIP), Facebook